Sponsor an air sensor

Help us grow the sensor network, club together with neighbours or local businesses to get a sensor for your street. By sponsoring a sensor, the air quality readings will be displayed on this website and will contribute to everyones understanding of the air in Frome.

Access to a power source

  • The device will need a nearby plug to power it, via a flat USB cable (that can fit under a closed window to a plug).
  • The cable is thin enough that many windows will close without disturbing the cable or the device.
  • If you have another type of window, we will assess the best cable for it. Double glazed units are unlikely to be suitable.
How much power does it use?
The sensor runs on 5 volts, the same as a mobile phone. It is powered by a mobile phone charger that needs to stay plugged into the mains. We estimate the usage to be about 4.161kWh power or about 60 pence per year, based on average UK electricity price.

You must have the following to be an air sensor

  • A stable wifi connection that is detectable near the window
  • Give access to my property to install the air sensor
  • A window that will host the air sensor and is within 3 meters of a plug