What you can do

Below are some useful steps you can take to reduce air pollution and improve your health in Frome.

Reduce car use

Pollution from vehicles is the main source of air pollution in Frome. Harmful gases from exhausts not only affect pedestrians and local homes but also pass straight through car air filters and accumulate in car cabins making it more harmful to be inside a car than on the street! 40% of urban journeys are less than 2 miles which is the perfect length to walk or cycle. Reducing the need to travel in the first place is even better (such as online meetings, local delivery and staycations).

Get active

Walking and cycling have many health benefits and not only help to reduce air pollution but can reduce the risk of major illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and cancer by up to 50%, lowering risk of early death by up to 30%. Along with health benefits commuters switching from car to bike are saving around £3000 a year.

Electric bikes are a great solution for a hilly place like Frome and the Town Council have two e-bikes available for hire in partnership with Cycology, you can book online here. You could also encourage your employer to join a bike to work scheme to save tax on buying a bike, electric bikes are now eligible too. Air pollution levels can change significantly within only a few metres, walking on the building side of a pavement versus the roadside can reduce exposure by up to 30%. Children breathe more polluted air closer to the ground, so always keep buggies back from the roadside when waiting to cross the road and choose quieter less congested roads to walk and cycle on if you can.

Go electric

If it’s too far to walk or cycle, switching to electric or hybrid vehicles can help to reduce local air pollution. In Frome there are two hybrid vehicles available for affordable rent via Co-Wheels. There is also a network of electric vehicle chargers e.g. Zap Map and Book My Charge who are enabling residents to share charge points.